Formally Campagne Restaurant, Marché reopened its doors as a French Bistro and Wine Bar after a temporary closure of several months. Within very tight budgetary constraints, Marché was rebranded with a lower priced menu, new finishes, furnishings and lighting. As part of the Inn at the Market, the entry courtyard to the restaurant now houses new marble tables, bistro chairs, rearranged plantings, a new canopy and laser cut steel signage. Interior walls that once segregated the entry, bar, and dining room, have been removed to create a more unified space and experience around a new vibrant wine centric bar. Marché has been transformed by a newly developed color palette embracing Chef Daisley Gordon’s French cooking from the Provence and the team’s commitment to sustainable food sourcing and architectural design.

2011 December The Seattle Times

Photographic Credit: A.G. Photography